Crumpler Base Layer Camera Pouch S black / rust red

Artikelnummer: BLCP-S
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The smart protection collection

The Base Layer Photo protection collection, camera accessories designed for one purpose: protecting your gear! Use them as a standalone camera bag or a bag for in your bag and keep your camera safe from that rock collection you like to carry around. The minimal style combined with simple yet effective features make this collection a must have for every level of photographer.

The Base Layer Camera Pouch S is made from a superior material mix of super soft and stretchy neoprene, Chicken Tex Nylon and soft protective Nylex lining. Multiple carry modes allow you to choose between having it over your shoulder and attachment to your belt or another bag. With a Moses Effect coating on the outside for maximum water and dust repellency, this is the perfect pouch for your compact camera and SD-cards.



Lieferzeit - Werktage 4 – 7
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