Crumpler Doozie Weenie black / metallic silver

Artikelnummer: DZW
Geschlecht: Damen, Herren, Unisex

Lieferzeit - Werktage: 4 – 7

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59,90 €



Simplicity and style: these things go hand in hand, especially with a Doozie on your shoulder, cross your body or in your paws. The Doozie Collection is a range of fashionable everyday basics that are designed to complement whatever you are wearing on the day thanks to its versatility. Timeless in its minimal approach to design, the Doozie creates some extra sparks with carefully placed highlights such as coloured zippers and seams.

The classic is back! With new features like internal and external zipped pockets, a key finder and a clip fastened flap, the brilliant Weenie has added some extra shine to the Doozie collection. She has also brought along everything you would expect from a Weenie and rightly so. Welcome back!



Lieferzeit - Werktage 4 – 7
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