Crumpler Light Delight Sling black

Artikelnummer: LDS
Geschlecht: Damen, Herren, Unisex

Lieferzeit - Werktage: 4 – 7

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49,90 €



Hey nerd, you want a bag for your iPad and it’s neoprene sleeve, that doesn’t make you look like a nerd? Check out our Light Delight Collection, specifically the Sling! Lightweight, strong as twenty-year-old jerky, and guaranteed to get you laid. Don’t mention it, you’re welcome.

Please note that all shown contents of the bag are for demonstration purposes only and are NOT included when ordering this item.



Lieferzeit - Werktage 4 – 7
Laptop Größe Ipad
Gewicht 0,445 kg
Volumen in Liter (1 L = 0,264172 Gallonen) 20
Weltweiter Versand mit DHL Premium Air Mail Ja