Crumpler Proper Roady Backpack XL leather

Artikelnummer: PRYLSL-M
Geschlecht: Damen, Herren, Unisex

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Crumpler Proper Roady Leather Slim Laptop M - 13" Notebook Sling Bag - suede leather

The Modern Commuter Collection

Whether you are heading to the office or exploring the corners of your city, the Proper Roady Leather Collection is the perfect companion for every occasion. The unique combination of soft leather, strong tarpaulin and robust polyester once is sure to impress.

Each bag has its own specialized features made to support you with however you decide to spend your day. From laptop messenger bags to backpacks, you will find the perfect companion in the Proper Roady Leather family.

The Proper Roady Leather Slim Laptop M is a slim-fit laptop bag that comes with an integrated sleeve for your 13" laptop. With the laptop safely stored away feel free to keep your pet snakes in the main compartment.



Lieferzeit - Werktage 4 – 7
Laptop Größe 13
Gewicht 0,625 kg
Volumen in Liter (1 L = 0,264172 Gallonen) 5
Weltweiter Versand mit DHL Premium Air Mail Ja