Crumpler Proper Roady Half Photo Backpack black

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Crumpler Proper Roady Half Photo Backpack with 15" Laptop compartment and 9.7" Tablet compartment - Black

If photography is your passion you are constantly on the lookout for the perfect moment, you want to get everything right - the scene, your subject, your camera, the right choice of lens and your camera bag.
With all this in mind, we have expanded the popular Proper Roady collection with a range of camera bags. All Proper Roady Photo bags were developed to carry your loyal camera companion and accessories so that you are at the ready to capture the perfect moment.
All bags are made of rugged 1000d Chicken Tex nylon and protect your camera from the dangers of the urban jungle. It does not matter whether you are exploring the city, its hidden corners or are out in the nature, there is the right bag for your compact camera, bridge camera or SLR along with lenses and tripod. This range of highly functional bags with minimalistic design has an option for every occasion.

The Proper Roady Half Photo Backpack is perfect for a long day out exploring with your SLR camera. Since the upper compartment is completely separated from the lower padded camera compartment, you can pack what you need all in one handy bag. The main compartment includes a laptop sleeve for your 15" laptop and another one for your tablet (iPad, Nexus or Galaxy). The separate camera compartment has removable partitions and internal padding so you can configure it how you want. The Proper Roady Half Photo Backpack is an all-round performer.



Lieferzeit - Werktage 4 – 7
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