Crumpler Track Jack Toiletry Organiser black

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Crumpler Track Jack Toiletry Organiser - Toilet bag - black

The Track Jack Collection has arrived just in time for your next life changing journey or weekend getaway. Crumpler’s unique travel collection has been painstakingly developed to be perfectly designed for your trip, be it business or pleasure. Every zipper and compartment was thought through and carefully placed to provide maximum function and comfort. From small day packs to a large trolley suitcase, the Track Jack Collection is there to be your rugged, functional and feature laden assistant.

The Track Jack Toiletry Organiser is exactly what it sounds like it is, a toiletry bag that keeps your shampoo, toothbrush, fragrant soaps and ornate sponges in one place. Great for traveling, this handy bag can easily be hung in the shower and includes all the pockets you could desire. The handy mesh pockets keep your bag fresh and to help you easily find that bottle of massage oil when you need it in a hurry.



Lieferzeit - Werktage 4 – 7
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