Katadyn Cartridge Superdyn

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Katadyn Cartridge Superdyn

You don’t want microorganisms in your water, but you also want your life-saving liquid refreshment to taste good. Then the Superdyn element is the SUPERior choice for you. You get two-for-one: Microporous ceramic keeps suspended solids and bacteria out of your drinking water. Plus, it is packaged into one element with a faithfully high-performance activated carbon block to also remove unpleasant tastes, chlorine odors and hazardous chemicals that take the “yum” out of hydration.

Effective against microorganisms
Effective against bad taste
Effective against chemicals
Suitable for groups of 10 or more
Suitable for extremely dirty water
Suitable for clear water only
Suitable for cloudy water
For daily or very frequent use
For occasional use
For more frequent use
Stationary use
For travels by motorhome or car

Dimensions (cm) 26.50
Diameter (cm) 5.50 ?
Output (L) 3.30 L/min
Technology Ceramic depth filter 0,2 micron, Activated carbon
Weight (g) 300.00

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery time - Working days 4 – 7
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