Nordisk Wall Extension Asgard 19.6

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Gender: Unisex

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Product Description


Extends the Asgard 12.6 or 19.9 with a wall section to offer standing height in the entire floor area. · consists of a wall section to zip on, 3 pole sections to extend center and A-frame. · zips onto the Asgard fly sheet on the top side and onto the ZIF on bottom side. · includes a guyrope extension for the front entrance top and a loop webbing to catch the D-ring on the elevated pole. · this set will still allow for inner tents to be installed. · the extension pole set also allows for elevated tarp option. · Asgard roof tarp will seem to float in the air at 140 cm – covering the entire floor space.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery time - Working days 5
Capacity + 7 Persons
Weight 5,3 Kg
Worldwide DHL Premium Air Mail Yes