Katadyn Siphon Filter

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Katadyn Siphon Filter

Simplicity at its best: Take a water container you already have and just add one (or more) Katadyn Siphon filters. Simply place the filters in the water of one container, and place another container lower. Then allow water from the top unit to move through the Siphon’s ceramic filter and its hose to feed safe, filtered, life-saving refreshment into the lower receptacle. Super convenient, reliable water collection for camping, relief organizations, or wherever you need to be sure a group has clean, healthy hydration.

Effective against microorganisms
Suitable for small groups up to 3 people
For solo use
Suitable for extremely dirty water
Suitable for clear water only
Suitable for cloudy water
For more frequent use
For occasional use
Stationary use
For travels by motorhome or car

Dimensions (cm) 16.00
Diameter (cm) 6.50 ?
Output (L) 5.00 L/h
Technology Ceramic depth filter 0,2 micron
Weight (g) 440.00

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery time - Working days 4 – 7
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