Millet Neo 30 Ars Sky Diver

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Millet Neo 30 Ars Sky Diver - Reliable, lightweight, breathable
Introducing this year’s star newcomer: the Neo 30 ARS, innovative and simple in equal measure. Millet has poured all its technical expertise into this functional, extremely well-equipped backpack with a built-in mechanically-activated airbag system that’s 100% safe and efficient. Weighing 2.495 kg, it will escort you on all your ski-touring and backcountry forays. With an advanced accessory set – diagonal ski holder system that’s snowboard and snowshoe compatible, Quick Axe ice-axe holder for rapid deployment, etc.) – for all your mountain adventures. It’s the lightest system on the market to date – a key criterion for this touring pack. Weighing under 2.5 kg when fully equipped (canisters, etc.), it offers a volume suited to day excursions. The Neo’s upfront mountain look sets the scene: it will be worn on ascents, so it must meet the challenge. The breathability of the carry system is a priority for this hybrid pack, which borrows technologies from the summer hiking category. The material selected for the back is used on fast hiking packs, while the breathable back is enhanced by general air circulation courtesy of the mesh and engineering of the shoulder straps and hip belt. For the avalanche airbag system, a fitting motto would be “less is more”. Understated design is often a hallmark of efficiency – as explained by Antoine, backpacks product manager: “When we reviewed the market, we noticed a fairly recent Swiss brand, Alpride, with which we’ve formed a partnership. We really liked its airbag, which is quite innovative in how simply it operates. The system’s very simple design actually means it’s highly reliable. A distinctive aspect of this high-performance item is that it’s all-mechanical. The spring is pressure-loaded, so the activation handle is sure to work.” Your rescuer’s name? Neo!

Ski touring

Skiing body with zip closure
Avalanche safety system: built-in Alpride AirBag
Rescue Pocket™ dedicated to shovel and probe
Diagonal front ski holder, Snowboard holder, Quick Axe™ ice-axe holder, Compression straps, Load adjuster straps
Hydration pocket, Zipped inside pocket + key ring, Zipped outside stretch pocket, Belt pocket
Sternum strap, Waist belt with metal buckle
N 70 D 230 T RipStop
N 210 D HT RipStop
N 420 D Velocity
Ariaprene® Back
Capacity: 30 L
NEO BACK™ - H : 48 cm
2.50 Kg

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Additional Information

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