Tentipi Olivin 2 light

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Tentipi Olivin 2 light

A Tentipi tent - with all the implications of its solid and clever construction and meticulous material and quality control. Many smart features have been taken from our larger Nordic tipis.
When we designed Olivin our starting point was very clear. Instead of aiming for the lowest weight possible and the cheapest price, our goal was to create the strongest, most spacious and ingenious tent in the small peak tent category.
Olivin can sleep 2 people plus dog and has room for four people to sit and socialise.

- 3 minutes to erect
- In-Tent Vent ventilation system in the high peak provides natural ventilation on the hot mornings and days. Easy to regulate from inside, even from your sleeping bag.
- Large ventilation openings, each fitted with a mosquito net, facilitate natural ventilation.
- Strong floor material that stops ground damp, a common problem in low-weight tents.
- Storm cord holders that prevent cordd tangling.
- Suitable for use in any season thanks to the built-in and raisable snowflap.
- Smoke chimney on microstove can be led out through the peak of the outer tent.
- Outer tent can be used without the inner-tent. It is very light and the incline allows any water droplets from condensation on the inner surface to run off better than in other types of tent.
- The well-ventilated inner-tent can also be used separately (for example when insect protection is the main priority).
- Exceptionally stable in strong winds.
- In an emergency, a small open fire can be line inside.

Olivin model2
Weight (kg)3.4
(of which inner tent)1.5
Diameter of inner tent (m)2.8
Height (m)1.69
Pack width (cm)18
Pack length (cm)45
Number of people sitting4
Number of people sleeping2

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery time - Working days 4 – 7
Capacity 2-Persons
Worldwide DHL Premium Air Mail Yes