Gregory Contour 60 Electric Yellow

Gender: Muži

Doba dodání Pracovní dny: 4 - 7

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Contour 60 - Gregory - The Contour 60 is an organizational dream for access not only when you get to camp, but all along the way. Whoever thinks "lightweight comfort" is an oxymoron needs to wear one of these for a few days hiking their favorite trail. - Gregory - Contour 60

Další informace

Další informace

Doba dodání Pracovní dny 4 - 7
Hmotnost S: 1.76 kg / 3 lbs 14 oz, M: 1.81 kg / 4 lbs 0 oz, L: 1.87 kg / 4 lbs 2 oz
Použité materiály Incorporates both 420D and 100D Robic fabrics with UTS coating for the highest possible strength to weight ratio
Objem v litrech (1 l = 0,264172 galon S: 58L, M: 60L, L: 62L
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