Patagonia Canvas Sun Booney Stone

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Canvas Sun Booney - Patagonia - A lightweight cotton canvas hat ideally suited for any outdoor activity; with 360-degree sun protection. On the wide-open flats, all-day sessions are a strictly bring-your-own-shade affair. The Canvas Sun Booney casts a 360-degree shadow, saving face, ears and neck from the dreaded crispy-bacon effect. Now made from a lightweight, 76% all-organic cotton/24% hemp fabric plain weave, this is the sun hat you can wear comfortably from dawn to dark. The semi-rigid foam inside the Canvas Sun Booney's dark brim keeps it ship-shape upon retrieval from boat-bag bottoms, and afloat should it go overboard. A soft chin strap and adjustable rear bungee drawcord ensure a snug fit when the afternoon sea breeze cranks up. With moisture-wicking Coolmax® headband. - Patagonia - Canvas Sun Booney

Další informace

Další informace

Doba dodání Pracovní dny 4 - 7
Hmotnost 96 g (3.4 oz)
Použité materiály 4.5-oz 76% organic cotton/24% hemp plain weave
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