Patagonia R3 Front-Zip Hooded Full Wetsuit - Tall Black

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R3 Front-Zip Hooded Full Wetsuit - Tall - Patagonia - Made for cold water: 48-55° F/8-12° C. A few steps off the Great Highway and you're paddling out into the shifting peaks of Ocean Beach, where a solid suit is as necessary as a trusted step-up board. The redesigned R3® Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit offers an ideal blend of performance and warmth, with high-quality neoprene and a merino wool lining that offers unmatched strength, warmth and flex. Features include new anatomical patterning, 100% external seam sealing to eliminate leaks, a heavyweight wool lining in the torso and thighs to maximize warmth, and a new midweight wool lining in the hood, sleeves and lower legs for increased performance and stretch. With simplified entry, redesigned 3-panel hood and enlarged PVC-free kneepads for long-lasting durability. Critical seams and high-stress areas are secured and reinforced for strength. - Patagonia - R3 Front-Zip Hooded Full Wetsuit - Tall

Información adicional

Información adicional

El tiempo de entrega - Días laborables 4 - 7
Peso 1530 g (54 oz)
Materiales usados 3.5mm neoprene (torso/thighs) lined with original, heavyweight chlorine-free merino wool and recycled polyester; 2.5mm neoprene (hood/arms/legs) lined with midweight chlorine-free merino wool and polyester
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