Gregory Z 55 Spark Red

Gender: Miehet

Toimitusaika -Työpäivät: 4 - 7

Saatavuus: Loppu varastosta

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Z 55 - Gregory - Slightly smaller than the Z65, the 55-liter Z55 is ideal for long weekends in the backcountry and gear-heavy alpine overnights. Superlight thru-hikers can stuff this versatile pack for longer trips, while dropping a few crucial ounces from their backs and keeping a feature set not found on other lightweight hiking packs. - Gregory - Z 55



Toimitusaika -Työpäivät 4 - 7
Paino S: 1.39 kg / 3 lbs 1 oz, M: 1.47 kg / 3 lbs 4 oz, L: 1.56 kg / 3 lbs 7 oz
Käytetyt materiaalit 210D robic dynagin, 100D robic GR shadowbox, 200D polyester oxford, 265g polyester stretch woven and 190T nylon taffeta
Tilavuus litroina (1 l = 0,264172 gallonaa) S: 53L, M: 55L, L: 57L
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