Patagonia R4 Back-Zip Full-Short Wetsuit Black

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Gender: Miehet

Toimitusaika -Työpäivät: 4 - 7

Saatavuus: Loppu varastosta

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R4 Back-Zip Full-Short Wetsuit - Patagonia - Made for frigid water: 38-48° F/3-8° C. Snow on the hills, solid swell on the buoys and a sturdy boat to whisk you up the coast. With high-quality neoprene that offers unmatched warmth, strength and flex, the R4® Back-Zip Full Suit keeps you loose and comfortable through long midwinter surfs in chilly offshore winds. Features include anatomical patterning, external sealing on all seams to eliminate leaks, a heavyweight merino wool and recycled polyester lining in the torso and thighs for warmth and a midweight merino wool and polyester lining for increased performance and stretch. The back-zip allows easy on/off, and enlarged PVC-free kneepads provide long-lasting durability. A cap or insertable hood can be added for additional warmth. All critical seams and wear points are secured with glue dots, 1cm bartacks and Melco® reinforcements. - Patagonia - R4 Back-Zip Full-Short Wetsuit



Toimitusaika -Työpäivät 4 - 7
Paino 1893 g (66.8 oz)
Käytetyt materiaalit 4.5mm neoprene (torso/thighs) lined with original, heavyweight chlorine-free merino wool and recycled polyester; 3.5mm neoprene (sleeves/legs) lined with midweight chlorine-free merino wool and polyester
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