Boundary Pack 115 Blue

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Genere: Maschi, Signore, Unisex

Tempi di consegna - Giorni lavorativi: 4 - 7

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Boundary Pack 115 - SealLine - Withstands quick submersions and will float if dropped in the waterWhen color-coding isn’t enough, See Bags take the guesswork out of what’s packed inside. Made with a tough 16 oz. transparent vinyl and a heavy-duty 19 oz. black bottom, they’re built to last through years of road and river miles. See Bags close with our watertight Dry Seal™ Roll-Top Closure and have a secure D-ring attachment for lashing tight. Available in four sizes. - SealLine - Boundary Pack 115

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Tempi di consegna - Giorni lavorativi 4 - 7
Peso 3 lbs 6 oz / 1.53 k
Materiali utilizzati 200D polyurethane coated nylon body, clear urethane window
Volume in litri (1 L = 0,264172 galloni) 6940 cu. in / 115 liters
Posta Worldwide DHL Premium Air