Nimbus Lightweight Dry Sack 20L Yellow

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Nimbus Lightweight Dry Sack 20L - SealLine - Engineered with superior durability, Nimbus Sack dry sacks offer the perfect combination of light weight and unquestionable reliability. Coated inside and out with a tough urethane, these sacks hit the sweet spot for everything from everyday abuse, to remote expeditions where weight and bulk must be kept at a minimum, and wet gear is definitely not on the itinerary. - SealLine - Nimbus Lightweight Dry Sack 20L

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Tempi di consegna - Giorni lavorativi 4 - 7
Peso 7 oz / 198 g
Materiali utilizzati Ultralight 20D silicone / polyurethane-coated Cordura® nylon
Volume in litri (1 L = 0,264172 galloni) 1170 cu. in / 19 liters
Posta Worldwide DHL Premium Air