Patagonia R3 Front-Zip Full Wetsuit - Tall Black

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Gender: Mężczyźni

Czas realizacji - Dni robocze: 4 - 7

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R3 Front-Zip Full Wetsuit - Tall - Patagonia - Made for cold water: 48-55° F/8-12° C. While the Northern Hemisphere suffers through the summer doldrums, the Chilean coast turns Southern Ocean swell into roping, leg-burning left-hand walls. With high-quality neoprene and a merino wool lining that offers trustworthy warmth, strength and flex, the R3® Front-Zip Full Suit keeps you charging until your arms give out from the long laps back to the top of the point. Features include new anatomical patterning, external sealing on all seams to eliminate leaks, a heavyweight wool lining in the torso and thighs to maximize warmth, and a new midweight wool lining in the sleeves and lower legs for increased performance and stretch. With simplified front-zip entry and enlarged PVC-free kneepads for long-lasting durability. Critical seams and high-stress areas are secured with glue dots, 1cm bartacks and Melco® reinforcements. - Patagonia - R3 Front-Zip Full Wetsuit - Tall

Informacje dodatkowe

Informacje dodatkowe

Czas realizacji - Dni robocze 4 - 7
Waga 1482 g (52.3 oz)
Używane materiały 3.5mm neoprene (torso/thighs) lined with original, heavyweight chlorine-free merino wool and recycled polyester; 2.5mm neoprene (arms/legs) lined with midweight chlorine-free merino wool and polyester
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