Victor Haglofs began in 1914 with the production of backpacks and their sale. Today Haglofs is the largest Swedish manufacturer of technical outdoor clothing. With over 500 high quality and functional outdoor equipment Haglofs is a leader in the Scandinavian Outdoor and backpacker market.

Haglofs - Swedish outdoor fashion

The Swedish outdoor clothing Haglofs also keeps picking up in Europe. So Haglofs shoes and outerwear such as Haglofs Bungy fleece or II Jacket for backpackers are very popular. The Haglofs LIM down jacket Q eating for women is made from high quality and durable material . In Haglofs online shop you will find a wide selection of Haglofs outdoor equipment from fleece to outdoor jacket for men and all fashionable colors. In addition to the functionality of the outdoor clothing also an everyday design and timeless colors for the success of the Swedish manufacturer Outdoor Haglofs is partly responsible . Since 2008, sells Haglofs blue sign - certified products.