Experience nature close to the action, which is what the Swedish company Fjallraven with durable and functional backpacks would like to achieve, such as the Fjallraven Kanken. Whether the backpack Kajka 75, FjallRaven Grönland jacket or the Vidda Pro trouser, every article from Fjallraven reflects the philosophy of the outdoor label founded in 1960. In the area of clothing, FjallRaven offers under the label Fjallraven Greenland very good outdoor clothing.

Fjallraven - swedish outdoor specialist

The outdoor specialist offers both jackets as well as Fjallraven Hose G 1000 in different colors for men and women. The Fjallraven online store from Backpacking United offers a wide and well-stocked range of products online to buy. The Fjallraven backpacks have been inspiring backpackers for many years. The most famous material, which is processed in  Fjall Raven products is the G-1000 fabric which is far more abrasion resistant than jeans, and it is also mosquito resistant.