The company Icebreaker focuses on the relationship between man and nature. Since 1995, the positive quality of pure merino wool from New Zealand, used as a real alternative to synthetic baselayer. Merino sheep are among the oldest breeds of sheep. In contrast to conventional wool Merino wool does not itch at all, but is extremely comfortable on the skin. Here the YouTube video. This records the Icebreaker underwear from the rest. It is also worth mentioning that Icebreaker merino is flame retardant that will please lovers of nature around campfires. The natural product Icebreaker has a UV protection factor of at least 50. The origin of Merino wool can be safely traced using the Barcode located on each Icebreaker Underwear.

Icebreaker merino underwear offers clear advantages over synthetic fibers

These show up during arduous activity.  Although the sweat when wearing synthetic fibers is dissipated more quickly and dries more quickly, the laundry does smells unpleasant. Icebreaker Merino absorbs the moisture of the skin and passes them before the welding condensed, to the outside. The result is a pleasant, slightly cooling effect. The material is anti-static, is for the pure well-being, it sticks and it does not crackle. For people who in addition to the comfort, put emphasis on their appearance, 2010 the innovation of the Icebreaker GT Line was presented. The merino fiber was combined with 3% Lycra, the result is reflected in high technology, tight-fitting baselayer that is also particular for special needs