THE FINELY TUNED KATADYN WATER POCKET FILTER - Katadyn waterfilter is a pocket filter which is produced with an aim to keep you hydrated and also shield you against any microorganisms. This product is mainly designed for the outdoor activities and marine field which offers you an efficient and lasting filtration. Katadyn waterfilter has been produced by Katadyn, a Switzerland based market trendsetter for these mobile products. The production of these personal water treatment systems is fueled by the principle "Making water drinking water" that Switzerland based Market trendsetter adopts in order to develop its mobile water pocket filters for the adventurers and global travelers. The Katadyn Pocket Filter acts as a multipurpose water filter as it provides broad solutions for water treatment. Despite the Katadyn Pocket Filter being small it also delivers an output of one liter per minute through the silver impregnated ceramic filter. With Katadayn Products they all have one thing in common which is the good quality, authenticity, and simple operation. As a result, the army and emergency skilled personnel across the globe have completely been assured in the Katadyn pocket filter's ability to give water that is free from the microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa. After purchase, the kit is inclusive of a prefilter, filter, bottle adaptor and carry bag.