Petzl - French caving and climbing equipment: Whether scaling the heights for work or leisure or exploring the subterranean world beneath our feet, Petzl provides reliable, effective safety equipment. Based in Crolles, France, Petzl was founded in 1975 by Fernand Petzl, a craftsman and keen caver since the 1930s. With first-hand knowledge of the challenges, he designed and perfected solutions for lighting, descending, ascending and belaying. While the company has grown since the 1970s, becoming an international enterprise, it retains the personal feel and deep love of caving which inspired its beginnings.

With first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges of climbing and caving, Petzl is a popular brand for enthusiasts from newcomers of the hobby to the most experienced. The Petzl Nao Headlamp is designed for caving or nighttime activities with innovative technology which automatically adjusts the intensity to meet the user's needs. A Petzl harness is designed to prioritize three criteria: safety, comfort, and ergonomics. Whether for caving, climbing or canyoning, there is a range of harnesses to suit a wide variety of requirements including harnesses designed specifically for women and children. Climbers of all abilities will benefit from the Petzl GriGri, a belay device with assisted braking. The Petzl GriGri includes a version with an anti-panic handle, making it ideal for instructors and those just starting out in their climbing passion.