The VAUDE brand is a household name in the sporting goods industry. Established in 1974 by Abrecht von Dewitz, VAUDE specializes in the production of tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and outdoor clothing. The brand is renowned for its strong regard for the environment. This is evident by its strict conformity to the environmental Bluesign standard. In addition, its products which include VAUDE tents and VAUDE backpacks demonstrate the company’s contribution towards a green environment. The VAUDE Tents - Since its inception, VAUDE has been developing and refining its tent designs to meet the latest technology. The result of this has been amazing. VAUDE tents come in various shapes and sizes. Their designs are also world class featuring premium fabrics like polyamide and polyester ripstop. The stitching is superb to meet the practicality of outdoor adventures.VAUDE Backpacks - Outdoor trekking requires lightweight and sturdy material. This is something the VAUDE brand understands all too well. VAUDE backpacks are designed to survive harsh weather conditions. They deliver optimum comfort for long journeys. This is achieved through innovative creations. For instance, the body-hugging rucksack helps distribute weight evenly throughout the wearer’s body. This reduces fatigue on long trails. Whether you need fixings to attach your ski equipment or a hard-skinned backpack to deflect snow and reduce wear, VAUDE has a solution for you. VAUDE Outdoor Clothing - VAUDE outdoor clothing has become a go-to gear for outdoor sports. The brand churns out a variety of jackets, pants, gloves, and underwear for unfavourable weather. They are designed to be waterproof, windproof, and lightweight for optimum performance and protection from the harsh outdoor weather.