When German e-bike maker Haibike has news to share, the mountain-biking world always listens closely. The company has been around since 2010, and its products have all but revolutionised the way we think of electric mountain bikes' look, feel, and performance. The latest news can only affirm that. Haibike SDURO v Haibike XDURO: Sporty v Extreme! As of 2018, the naming convention of Haibike's models changes slightly. While before SDURO and XDURO used to hint the on-board motor manufacturer (Yamaha or Bosch, respectively), the two lines now refer to the model's intended usage and defining geometry. Haibike XDURO, therefore, demonstrates bolder mountain bike form optimised for performance and power in extreme terrain. The line features AllMtn, Nduro, and Dwnhll models as well as long-travel bikes. Haibike SDURO, on the other hand, retains a more classic mountain bike shape designed for riding comfort. This collection's models are now renamed FullSeven LT. Bosch PowerTube for Even Leaner Form: Many of Haibike's 2018 e-bike models come with Bosch's PowerTube battery on board. They display improved frame geometry at no cost to performance and power. The PowerTube models also have the Haibike modular rail system, which allows you to use the frame's inner triangle efficiently and mount one or more useful objects, such as a water bottle, a storage compartment, or your e-bike's lock.

All in all, Haibike's new XDURO and SDURO lines once again affirm the German company's central place in the e-bike market. Whether you are an experience eMTB gearhead or a first-time buyer, it does not get much better than this.

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