A Katadyn waterfilter has earned its reputation among serious outdoor's enthusiasts as a world leader when it comes to portable water purification filters and systems. The company has more than 80 years in the development of germicide systems, portable desalinators, and of course the various versions of the Katadyn pocket filter. Here are 4 of the most popular pocket purification systems offered by Katadyn: Katadyn Vario -  This Katadyn pocket filter combines silver impregnated fiberglass, ceramics, and activated carbon. It not only reduces chemicals and foul tastes, but eliminates bacteria and cysts of parasitic protozoa. Katadyn Combi -  This water filter can handle an extremely high flow of water. The silver impregnated 0.2 micron ceramic filter eliminates bacteria and parasites while an activated carbon filter absorbs chemicals and odors. Katadyn Befree - This innovative Katadyn waterfilter makes use of the company's proprietary EZ Clean filter and the Hyrdrapacl SoftFlask, making it ideal for hikers who prefer the feel of a soft flexible filter that's easy to clean. Katadyn Endurance -  For extra durability, the Katadyn Endurance series of water purification filters definitely fits the bill. What's more, it can continue to protect against water borne cysts, protozoans, and bacteria for an entire 50,000 liters and it can handle even the dirtiest water. The rugged design contains mechanical components that protect the filter against falls and other impact. A 20 year guarantee assures that Katadyn stands behind their claim that this truly is among the most durably constructed portable water filters on the market.