PIEPS Avalanche Gear - Back country skiers, snowboarders, and other mountain explorers need to be fully prepared in the case of an avalanche. Here are three items from PIEPS that you'll definitely be glad you have on you if you ever find yourself in this life or death situation.  PIEPS JETFORCE  - The PIEPS JETFORCE is the first avalanche airbag to make use of jet fan technology. It inflates quickly to provide a life saving air pocket in the case that you are seriously trapped underneath the snow during an avalanche. It also doubles as a storage bag with 10 liters of space for carrying mountaineering items. PIEPS DSP SPORT - In addition to its stellar range of 60 meters for 360 degrees, a smart transmitter automatically adjusts the sending antenna in order to optimize the searching beacon's signal in order to more effectively seek out other devices, even buried devices. A wide range of mark and scan functions are also each uniquely tailored to various real-life burial scenarios. Aside from being an extremely accurate ice avalanche beacon, the PIEPS DSP SPORT comes with its own carrying harness.  PIEPS PRO BT  - The PIEPS PRO BT is essentially a bigger version of the PIEPS DSP SPORT, with the former weighing 222 grams and the latter weighing 198 grams. As such, the PIEPS PRO BT shares all of the same features and functions as the DSP SPORT. It also runs with three standard alkaline AAA batteries which provide an impressive 600 hours worth of operating time in transmission mode. There is also wireless compatibility with Bluetooth and PIEPS-APP.