Thule is one of the leading world's most leading brands for outdoor products, with the Thule Roof Racks, Thule Chariot and Thule Bike Trailers being three key products in the Thule range.

THULE Roof Racks - The Thule Roof Racks is known as the Thule Dachbox in the UK. It offers a perfect solution for carrying any of your outdoor goods needs. The range includes roof boxes and roof carriers. Depending on your car and lifestyle Thule can recommend a dachbox that fits more effectively into your life, and onto your vehicle meaning that you can enjoy outdoor pursuits without worrying about how to take your canoe or surfboard with you!

THULE CHARIOT - The Thule Chariot is a range of pushchairs that enable parents to enjoy the outdoors by taking their children with them. It encourages an active lifestyle from a young age, as well as an active family life. For the growing family there are specialist models that can accommodate up to two children at once. Thule pushchairs are very versatile and can facilitate family needs whilst parents go for a jog, walk or even ski! They are stylish and lightweight, meaning that they are easy to use in a hectic lifestyle.

THULE Bike Trailers - The THULE Bike Trailers is a buggy that can be connected to your bike to transport a child safely whilst you enjoy a cycle in the countryside, or undertake every day activities. Its lightweight features means it is easy to transport, and its sturdy structure, ensure that it will not imbalance the bicycle whilst the parents is taking the child on a journey. It is waterproof and offers a comfortable ride for the child passenger.